Pricing & Sign Up to Build Your Own Website of Imagevue X3

Thank you for interest our services.

We have designed the pricing for your benefit and even all of your friends.
We will be happy, if you help us to introduce your friends about our services.

Single Site$378USD $280 /1 Website
Group 2+$280USD $250 /1 Website
Group 6+$280USD $190 /1 Website
Group 12+$280USD $139 /1 Website
Group 18+$280USD $108 /1 Website

Brief Description.

  • $378 Approximately pricing.
  • Group 12+ means, 12-17 persons of your colleague or anyone who invited for sign up at the same time within 4 days counting from the first person have sign up and paid.
  • Single Site price including :
    ● Web hosting service USD $46
    ● Domain name USD $15 .com .net .info .org (For another read more information)
    ● Imagevue X3 License USD $75
    ● Setup fee USD $144
  • Annual Payment USD $46 + Domain Fee USD $15 (.com .net .info .org)

Questions Answered

Are X3 updates free?

Yes, and X3 license owners will receive notification by email when we release updates.

Are there any recurring fees?

No. Prices are one-time payments, and X3 licenses last forever.
Recurring fees for the web hosting and domain name.

Do I need a Paypal account to purchase?

No. You can also purchase by Credit Card through Paypal, by selecting "checkout as guest".

Do you offer a refund if I am not satisfied?

Yes, 15 days money back except domain name fee. After we sent email confirm ready to use.

Can I use a single X3 license for multiple websites?

No, You CAN however use a single X3 license to host multiple X3 websites on a single primary domain, For example and (Unlimited Sub-Domain)

What are the requirements?

We are supply for a domain name and web hosting.
You don't need the other services by third party.
If already you have a domain name, just transfer to us.

How do I get support using the Imagevue X3 to build my website?

You can register to be a member forum of Imagevue (English Version).
and You can request to join us in the Facebook Group. We will login to your website panel to help.

How do I invite anyone who interested to get started?

Visit our website for register to be a member. We will contact you by email address.
If you are ready to build only one website. Let's sign-up right now. And then press "Order Now"

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